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Using this module you can see how many ingredients you have in store. Also when purchasing any ingredient it will add to the stock.

You may search your ingredients in the Filter By button.


The stock value is the sum of Total of all ingredients. Where the Total is calculated by multiplying the stock quantity and unit price.

And here is the formula for calculating unit price:

If the ingredient is purchased before then the system will calculate the average of the last 3 purchases and that will be the Unit Price but if there are only 2 purchases there, the system will calculate the average of that two, or if there is only one purchase, the system will consider that purchase price as Unit Price. Remember that the system will always consider dividing the purchase price by the conversion rate if the ingredient's purchase unit is different from the consumption unit.

And if there is no purchase record of the ingredient then the unit price will come from that ingredient's profile's cost field and will be considered as Unit Price.


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