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Our Services

We have several years of experience working on web, mobile and desktop application development.

Web Application Development

We have more than 11 years of experience. In this time we developed more than 70 projects. These include simple to very complex software system. So any type of web app development, you can rely on us. You can also contact us for SaaS Implementation (Single or Multiple Databased Based).

Mobile App Development

We have experience developing several mobile apps. Some of those are simple and some are financial transactional app. We are also experienced in cross-platform mobile app development.

UX Design

First, we are not strong at UI design but we do design UX. Please note that we don't mess up the UI with UX. Our product designers are not web or graphic designers. They design systems and they segregate UX from UI. They consider each and every bit of User Experience when designing a system.

Desktop App Development

We are specialized in developing synchronizing desktop applications that can empower users to run web apps when internet is not available. It can run offline and synchronizes data when the internet is available.

Quality Assurance

Quality AssurancernOur SQA team is capable to handle all kinds of functional or non-functional testing of any web, mobile and desktop app.

System Analysis & Design

This is our most passionate job. You will only share your vision with us and then leave everything to us from Mindmapping to Delivery. We have a strong team for analyzing and designing a system and those people really love to do that.