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Ingredients are the things you use to make a Food Menu. e.g: potato, beef, chili, onion, salt, etc.

Go to "Item" from the left menu, and then click on "Add Ingredients".

Click the "Name" field and enter here Ingredient name here which you want to add.

The "Code" field will auto-generate a code for the ingredient but you can enter a specific code that can be used to identify the ingredient quickly.

In "Category" select the category of this ingredient.

Purchase Unit: Select the unit that you use to buy/purchase this ingredient. Like you buy in KG.

Consumption Unit: Select the unit that you use when making food. Like you use in Pcs when making food.

Conversion Rate: Conversion Rate is How many Consumption Unit is equal to 1 Purchase Unit. Like you get 14 Pcs of cucumber in one Kg. So Your purchase unit is Kg and Consumption unit is Pcs

Purchase Price: Enter here your ingredient purchase price(in purchase units).

Cost Per Unit: It will be auto-generated by this formula: Purchase Price/Conversion Rate = Cost Per Unit. That will help you to set the price for a food menu.

If your Purchase Unit and Consumption Unit both are the same like both are Pcs, then you need to select the same unit in both fields and put 1 in the Conversion Rate field.

Alert Qty:  In case your Low Qty is 10Kg (in purchase unit) and your stock is 9Kg then the system will show this ingredient as red marked. That means this ingredient is under low Qty.

Here you can see the stock of this ingredient is under the low quantity in this case the stock of the ingredients shows a red text alert.

Go to "List Ingredients" and view your all ingredients list here.

Here you can edit or delete any Ingredient by using the edit or the delete button from the Action column in the list.


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