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Manage Printers

Using this module you will be able to manage all your printers that are connected to a network or USB port and going to be used to the system. And then the system will allow you to select in different settings. So you can use multiple printers for different purposes like for invoice, bill, kot or one printer for all purposes as per your need.

Go to "Settings" from the left menu then click "Add Printer" to add a printer.

Here is character per line- How many characters showing per line in your paper, eg: in 80mm characters per line is 46, in case you get any trouble on new line issue or anything else then you need to set the characters per line as per your print paper. Please visit Check Sample.

If your printer is USB printer then enter Share Name

Please check how to get Share Name button


If your printer is Network printer then -

Printer IP Address - You may get Printer IP address from test print paper as per printer setting.

Printer Port Address- In maximum case the Printer Port Address is 9100 but in case it is different please do a test print from your printer after turning it on, you will get the Printer Port Address in that test print paper.
Her is the list of all printer and you can edit your printer information from the actions


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