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What is Off POS

Off POS is a retail POS software specially designed for retailers by keeping RETAIL NEEDS in mind.

Off POS understands that:

 Retailers may purchase in packet and sale in piece like: Retailers purchase 1 packet of soap and that packet contains 12 pieces of soap and Retailers sale soap in piece.  Retailers may not always sell in only quantity/piece, for some item Retailers may need to sell in amount.

 Retailers might need any type of tax like: VAT, IVAT, Tax, GST, HST etc or any

 Retailers may sale services as well as products which will not have any stock

 For several items customers do not ask for 1 piece. Customer usually buys 12 eggs at a time, 4 pieces of toilet tissues, 250g of green pepper, 10 pieces of saline pack, several pieces of white board marker etc. There are lots of items like these.

 In reality, damage happens in shop, and that must be considered in profit/loss. And when damages are being tracked, retailer can decide how to control that to reduce loss.

 99% Retail shop has some employees/sales persons or others. And a business owner must need to track their attendance.

 Maintaining customer relationship is very important.

These are not all, Off POS did not leave any other features to include which are also important and happens in retail. Please check full features.

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