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Tax Setting

The system supports multiple taxes at a time for the same item. Like IGST, CGST, SGST for India, VAT and SD for Bangladesh, etc. You can add all of your applicable taxes to the system. Even you may not apply any of your taxes in any item like there are 4 taxes per your government's rule but some products require 2 taxes, some require 3 taxes, some require all, etc. Even if any item does not require any tax, you can set 0 tax for only that item. To work with Tax, you need to configure tax first.

Login to your software

Expand the "Setup" module, and click on the "Tax Setting" menu

If you collect tax then click on "Yes" and you should fill up the required fields.

Click on the "My Tax Registration No" field. Enter your Tax registration no.

Click on the tax field. Enter Tax type and rate.

Click on the "Add More" button to add more tax field

Click on the "No" button, to set Collect Tax "No".

If you don't want to set Collect Tax then click the "No" button and click on the submit button

Click on the "Submit" button after fill up the required information

All of these added tax fields will appear when you will go to add a product or service in the software

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