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Create Invoice

Using the "Add Proposal/Invoice" system you can create an invoice for your customer, and you can send it to the customer via email, Apart from this, you can save it and print it as well.

Login to your software

Expand the "Proposal/Invoice" module, and click on the "Add Proposal/Invoice" menu. Fill up the form with the required fields

To create an invoice you must select the type of invoice.

Click on the "Customer" Selection option, select a customer to whom you want to send the invoice

Click the "Product / Service" option to select the product or service, which you want to send as an invoice to a customer.


Click here to add a new customer immediately

Fill up the required fields, and hit the submit button.


Click here to add a new Product immediately

Fill up the required fields, and hit the submit button.


Select the product's discount type, whether you want to give a percentage discount or a fixed amount

Click on the eye button to view product Tax

Click on the "Shipping Other" field. enter shipping cost


Click on the "Payment Status" option, and select your payment method type.

Click on the Paid option for Cash on Delivery, or online payment.

After selecting the Paid option you must hit on the "Make Payment" button to set your payment type, otherwise, you will be got an error.

Click on the "Cash On Delivery" button, to pay cash on delivery.


Select a cover letter from the Cover Letter field to send the cover letter with the proposal and invoice.

Select an attachment to send the attachment with the proposal and invoice.

An attachment is a PDF that will be merged with your proposal/invoice.


To send image along with proposal/invoice enter image in image field and click submit button. Note that each image must be accompanied by a title

A recurring invoice is a type of invoice that a business or service provider sends to a customer on a regular, predetermined schedule, typically at fixed intervals such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Recurring invoices are commonly used for services or products that are provided on an ongoing or subscription basis.

Select an option from the Invoice Type field.

The one time option means that the invoice will be emailed to the customer only once at the time of invoice creation.

After selecting Recurring Invoice option you will get an additional field which is Recurring Day.

By selecting Recurring Day a mail will be sent to the customer on that day of every month which has been created earlier, of course, the system will do it automatically.



Click here to change the invoice background color

Click here to change the invoice text color..

Click on the "Preview" button to view Preview the Invoice

Click on the "Send and Email" button to send an invoice via email

Click on the "Save and Download" button to save and download the invoice

Click on the "Save and Print" button to save and print a invoice

Click on the "Save as Draft" button to save a draft of the invoice

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