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Accept Decline Proposal from Email

Accept/Decline Proposal from Email

When a proposal is sent from the company to a customer, the customer will receive a notification on his email. The customer can easily accept or decline a proposal from his email.

If the customer accepts a proposal, after clicking the accept button the customer will get a page to add his digital signature, and from there he can add his digital signature.


The customer should open his email inbox and open he proposal email

Clicking on the "Accept" button he can accept the proposal also, he can Decline the proposal by clicking the Decline button


Type your digital signature


Here is 3 button, 1. Upload Signature -> By clicking "Upload Signature" he can upload his signature, 2. Reset Signature -> To reset signature, need to click the "Reset Signature" button 3. Skip signature -> By clicking "Skip signature" his proposal will be accepted without his signature. Also, he can add details here


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