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Company Profile

In the "Company / Your Profile" menu you can handle your Company information, Like Company Name, Company sort name, Currency, Currency position, Precision, Invoice log, etc that will be reused again and again to the entire software.

Login to your software

Expand the "Setup" module, and click on the "Company / Your Profile" menu

Fill up the required fields.

Mention that if you are an individual then please type your name in Name/Company Name field such as Sylvester Stallone in case of individual or Door Soft in case of company.

To set your own currency symbol please click on the "Currency" field and enter your currency symbol.

Click on the "Currency Position" selection box, and select currency position, left or right.

Click on the "Precision" selection box, and select the precision digit, 2 digits, or 3 digits.

Click on the "Date Format" selection box, and select the date format type.

Click on this file field, and select an image for your invoice logo.

Click on the "Submit" button to update your company information.

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