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Frequently Asked Question

FAQs are targeted to give a complete sense of query satisfaction to the client


The payment is one-time. After you pay the one-time price of the theme, you will never be charged for it. But you can buy extended support after your support expires after 6 months.


According to Envato’s licensing, you can use a script on only one website. If you want to use it on multiple websites, you must buy multiple licenses.


After the 6-month period is over you can buy extended support. You can buy extended support in the beginning, too. I that case you get a 1-year support in total.


We comply fully with Envato’s refund policy. We issue refunds for the reasons Envato permits us to give refund and we don’t issue refunds on the cases Envato does not guarantee refunds. Please check Envato’s refund policy: https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy


In brief, we are responsible for the features that are advertised in the Script. So we will do the following:

– Solve bugs if there are any (bug means if any feature is not working as it should)

– If you have any questions we will answer it

– After your installation if you face any issues/bugs, we can look into your website or server, but we don’t guarantee any solution or custom works there.


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