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What Are Support Services Definition and Examples

Support services are processes that professionals use to execute a core program or function that generates revenue. Many departments use these services, such as human resources, IT and customer service. If you want to pursue a career in support services, learning what they are and examples of these services can help determine if this field is right for you.

In this article, we define what support services are, describe the different uses and importance of support services and provide a list of example services these professionals use.


What are support services?

Support services typically refer to a business' use of technology in the workplace. Some technologies offer support services through third-party entities, also known as IT support services. These services provide the necessary support to ensure a business operates technology in an efficient and safe manner. IT support services allow internal IT departments to work on IT projects that offer value to businesses and reduce issues an end user may experience.

Who uses support services?

The primary departments that use support services are human resources, customer service, accounting departments and managers. Several types of industries use support services, including telecommunications, travel and hospitality, finance, transportation and logistics and retail. Each industry may use support services differently, but most uses include working to optimize IT programs and processes. Without proper support services, businesses may find maintaining their software and programs challenging to maintain.

Importance of support services

There are several benefits that come with the use of support services. Some of these include:

  • Reduced overhead expenses: Many IT providers allow companies to pay only for the services the business needs to succeed. This helps reduce maintenance fees and issues related to the end user and limits the need to hire full-time support services employees.

  • Consistency: An issue that may arise within a business using technology is a lack of consistency. For example, technology that often crashes or experiences other technical problems can result in lost profits and affect the consistency of the technology programs a company uses.

  • I**ncreased optimization:** Using a third party to handle specialized work can help minimize the need to use internal resources. Support service professionals help prevent operational issues and incorporate strategies to optimize the use of technology and other procedures within a company.

  • Revenue generation: Many support services work to increase revenue generation by ensuring IT is up-to-date and that processes are productive and successful. Support services also allow businesses to better handle customer service by offering several support channels to increase relationships with employees and stakeholders.

  • Increased customer satisfaction: When customers have the support they need, they're often more likely to remain loyal to the company. High customer satisfaction can also help improve the reputation of a business.

7 examples of support services

The following are several types of support services that companies can use to maintain their IT infrastructure and other procedures to increase their effectiveness:

1. Data storage

Many businesses store data and require a place to do so in an easy and effective manner. There are several data storage services available that assist a company in securely storing data. They may store this data in cloud services, in-house technology or off-site locations.

2. HR and people management

There are several functions within the human resources and people management field, such as staffing, job assessment, workforce utilization and analysis of workforce performance. Support services can help streamline this process by offering the necessary support to complete these tasks. This frees up time for HR professionals to focus on the tasks that are most important.

3. Computer support

Computer support may be the most common form of support services. Many companies utilize various technologies to perform tasks, and these technologies require dependability and issue-free use for successful implementation. Many IT support service professionals are aware of the latest technology related to various fields and can help make recommendations on the most appropriate tools for a company. Provided services may include troubleshooting computer systems and programs, installing hard drives, upgrading systems and installing malware detection software.

4. Administration support

Other support services companies often use include those that help assist in the administrative process within their organizations. There are several small duties required for these tasks, which can take up an administrative professional's time. Examples of available services in this department include updating customer databases, inputting data and responding to correspondence from clients and employees.

5. Customer service

Customer service is a popular support service that many organizations rely on to keep their customers happy. If there aren't enough in-house customer service employees to handle customer needs, customers may feel as though the company cannot meet their needs. Third-party customer service support programs make sure clients receive optimal support in a timely manner.

6. Web development

Website development and maintenance are important components of support services and help manage various aspects of web-related tasks, including customer service and inventory management. These support services can decrease the time that site owners spend on troubleshooting and fixing issues on their website. There are several resources that can keep systems and websites functioning and reduce the need for employees to regularly manage the company's sites.

7. Sales and revenue generation

One way to increase sales and revenue generation is to use support services focused on increasing brand awareness and loyalty. These services typically involve assisting customers in determining the help they require. Services may also include assisting customers in finding products and services that meet their needs and preferences.

Additional examples of support services

Here are a few more support services to consider implementing in the workplace:

  • VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, includes devices that allow you to make and complete phone calls using the internet.

  • Email services: This type of service helps companies manage or host their email. Services often included are account creation, email storage and credential resets.

  • Security support: Many companies use security support services for software. Some security solutions may include the installation of firewalls, malware protection and antivirus programs.

  • Backup programs: This type of support service keeps older yet valuable data safely stored.

  • Payroll and benefits services: Some third parties offer payroll and benefits services that assist HR professionals and reduce the time they spend on these activities.

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