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Recurring Payment

To send Recurring Invoices first you need to set up a cronjob on the server.

What is cronjob? A cron job, often referred to as a cron job or cron task, is a time-based job scheduler in Unix-like operating systems. It allows you to schedule and automate the execution of tasks or scripts at specific intervals or times. These tasks can be routine maintenance, data backups, system monitoring, or any other repetitive job that needs to run regularly.


First of all login to your cPanel.

Search here for cronjob in the image shown below.

Select the cronjob option.


Setup cronjob

Below shown image Select Once Per Day(0 0 * * *) option from common settings field

After selecting Once Per Day(0 0 * * *) option you will see an interface like this.


After purchasing this software you will get a zip file. Extract the zip file, you will find a cronjob.php  file inside flypapyrus/assets/


In the image shown below, enter the file location of the Cronjob in the command field.


1. The first parameter is the default path to write the cronjob path.

2. In the 2nd parameter, home is the default prefix of server location and dsbeta is the server name and public_html is the default folder name where you will store the project.

3. The third parameter is where you want to upload the cronjob file or  the location where your cronjob file is uploaded.

After configuring those settings hit the Add New Cron Job button And it will save your settings.


After Save you will see this type of interface.

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